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I continue to get the question, “Is ZQuiet in stores yet?” I mentioned in my ZQuiet Amazon and ZQuiet Walgreens articles on this site that the ZQuiet Anti Snoring device was not yet available anywhere online or in stores, aside from the Official ZQuiet Website. Since it’s been a couple of months I wanted to readdress this question and give any updates on the availability of ZQuiet in stores.

I’ve gone through all of the major online stores such as Amazon and eBay and was surprised that after months of being on the market it wasn’t offered any of them. I also couldn’t find ZQuiet in stores such as Wal-Mart or Walgreens via their websites. So I decided to call my local Wal-Mart and Walgreens and even CVS to see if they carried ZQuiet. I ended up getting a lot of confusing responses from the employees I talked with at these stores. All of them checked their shelves and inventory but unfortunately ZQuiet wasn’t in any of these stores.

It still stands that the ZQuiet can only be purchased on the Official ZQuiet Website.

Even though it is convenient to run down to the store and grab what we need instead of having to wait on a product to arrive on our doorstep there is an advantage to ordering the ZQuiet Anti Snoring device online.

If you could purchase ZQuiet in stores it would be at the full retail price instead of the initial $9.95. You also wouldn’t get the trial period that allows you to try the ZQuiet for 30-days. If at the end of 30-days you are unsatisfied with ZQuiet for any reason you could return it, no questions asked. What store is going to let you return a used in-the-mouth snoring device?

If ZQuiet works like magic, like it has for me, and you decide to keep it there is a simple charge of $79.95 to the same card you used to get the trial offer.

The fact is true and the function is simple – ZQuiet has taken the snoring blues away. I say blue because I was sad, worried and anxious about my big problem that affected others. Until the ZQuiet mouthpiece I didn’t realize how adversely I was being affected.

I thought sleep deprivation was normal. Since I have used ZQuiet the past several months, my energy has shot through the roof. I also find myself more pleasant and am excited to be around others. The benefits from using the ZQuiet Anti Snoring device have boosted my confidence.

I am not yet married, but can see how this would help any relationship that is on strain due to snoring. I know how big of a problem snoring was and still is for me unless I use ZQuiet. I also know I am not alone with this problem. Consider your problems solved with the purchase and use of ZQuiet.

Without the trial offer I would not have given ZQuiet a chance. When compared to the cost of the other procedures and products used to treat snoring, even the full price of $69.90 is the best deal out there. Being able to try it first made all the difference.

There are so many scams out there, but ZQuiet is not one of them. Just because ZQuiet can’t be found in stores like other products doesn’t mean it isn’t legit. The many testimonials on the Official ZQuiet Website attest to the unbelievable truth that ZQuiet works. I get emails from people who have also purchased the ZQuiet and have found it to be the best solution for them.

I would encourage anyone to do as much research as I did on the ZQuiet Anti Snoring device. I would also encourage everyone who has a snoring problem to give the ZQuiet a try. ZQuiet has changed my life for the better and I know it will do the same for you.

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